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Characteristics of production line

  • In terms of equipment manufacturing, the materials are solid, the parts are processed rigorously, and the paint is designed and researched. The electrical equipment adopts international major brands.
  • The hot washing equipment is specially designed and arranged in series to effectively dissolve and clean the viscose and organic matter on the surface of the bottle sheet.
  • The rinsing tank is designed to be reciprocating and open, which can effectively clean and remove the label caps, reduce the content of PET chips and the alkaline solution and cleaning agent on the surface of the bottle chips.

General information

Raw material Post-consumer PET bottles PET
Final product & Output capacity PET bottle flakes / 2000kg/h
Machine color Standard color: Blue and Grey
Description of final product Moisture: ≤0.9%
IV: our line doesn’t change the Intrinsic viscosity
Bulk density: 0.3G/CM3
Total impurity: ≤250ppm
Metal content: ≤20ppm
PE/PP content PE/PP: ≤20ppm
Paper: ≤20ppm
glue/hot melt: ≤20ppm
organic and in-organic: ≤20ppm
PVC: ≤150ppm
Particle sizex: 10-14mm
If adopt Optical sorter:
Total impurity:≤100ppm
PVC : ≤50ppm
If over 90% of the raw material is PET bottle, total impurity can reach ≤50ppm.

Characteristics of production line

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